Tooth Fairy Pillows – Great Idea!!!

I was surfing through Etsy the other day looking for inspiration and found one of the cutest products.

Now I know most of the parents out there can relate to this so bear with me.

“It’s 1:00 a.m.  you wake with a start, you have forgetting a very important task before bed. You stumble down the dark hallway, half asleep, trying not to make any noise or turn on any lights. Tooth Fairy duty calls!!! You slip into your little ones room and slowly reach under their pillow only to find the tiny plastic bag they placed their precious tooth in is nowhere to be found. You franticly search deeper under the pillow, trying not to disturb your little toothless wonder. No luck… Next it’s down on your hands and knees crawling around in an attempt to find the missing bag. You find many naked Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels cars, Lego blocks and yesterday’s snack wrapper, but not tooth bag!  Your little one stirs and you hit the floor, flat on your belly, afraid to breath for fear they might hear something, you lay on the floor for a moment and listen to make sure they are once again fast asleep you must find this tooth so you rise up and commence searching as you push up from your prone position you run your hand across the coveted tooth bag.  Success!!!!”

Well, as much as I know you love this type of adventure  and excitement at 1:00 in the morning, I think this product might make your Tooth Fairy adventures just a little bit easier on you.

This adorable little stuffed tooth created by The Imagination Blvd allows you to place a very easy to find stuffed pillow on the bed with your little one. They it’s as easy are grabbing it, switching out the tooth for the goods and then back to bed you go.  They come in all kinds of great styles and colors!!

Such a great idea. Be sure to check them out on Etsy. Thanks Imagination Blvd for letting us share your great creation!