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Strawberry Pocket Warmers Set sold at our boutique for girls, Sissy Roo's Closet.
Grey and White Hearts Pocket Warmers Set sold at our boutique for girls, Sissy Roo's Closet.

Strawberry Pocket/Hand Warmers


Our adorable Hand Warmers, Pocket Hand Warmers, Rice Filled, Set of Two, Strawberry Pocket/Hand Warmers are the perfect for those cold mornings walking to school.

In Stock – 6 available

Do you hands always get cold? Do your little ones complain that their hands are cold on fall and winter school mornings? Be sure to send them with their very own set of Toasty Hands, pocket hand warmers. Our pocket hand warmers are designed to not only keep your hands warm but to look fabulous doing so. Our unique designs are one of a kind and each hand made.

Other helpful ideas for using Toasty Handz pocket hand warmers…

– Going for a walk on a cold winter day.
– Sporting events.
– Jogging on a cold evening or early morning.
– Slip a set of these next to your little one in the stroller to keep them nice and toasty.
– Keep a set in the freezer to help sooth a sun burn or a boo boo.
– Right from the freezer to help with arthritis pain.

Heating directions for our pocket hand warmers:
Microwave on high about 30 seconds. Heat lasts about 15 minutes.

Cooling directions for cold pack:

Place pocket hand warmers in freezer.

Caution : Pocket hand warmers may cause burns if microwaved for too long.

Each pocket hand warmer is about 3.5 x 3.5 in.
Comes as a set of 2

*Pocket hand warmers are not advised for children under the age of 3.